“Let’s get Oyo State working again”

The agro-based economy of Oyo State has stagnated due to political instability, corruption and poor macroeconomic management. Past regimes failed to diversify the economy. The economy, like the macrocosm that is Nigeria, is over-dependent on the oil earnings from the Federation Account which provides over 75% of the State Government’s revenues. The largely subsistent agricultural State has not kept up with rapid population growth, and Oyo State, once a net exporter of food to various States in Nigeria and abroad, now imports some of its food. 

Rebuild our economy on a new, workable foundation

The past and present Oyo State governments had  opportunities to provide the real relief to the people of Oyo State in a time of great economic uncertainty but once again, insular, biased, and special interests have taken precedence over the interests of the people of Oyo State.                        

Rebuild our economy on a new, workable foundation

Seyi Makinde's (administration) will offer a good-faith alternative plan, which will receive the support of all Oyo State people.  "I will embark on bold reforms to lay the foundation for a prosperous future and brighter tomorrow. My result driven agenda will move Oyo State forward".

"My forward thinking administration with resolute conviction will pave the way towards success by eliminating the State budget deficit, helping create thousands of private-sector jobs and putting the largest influx of State funds into building the economy".

"My vision for the future of Oyo State is simple, create an atmosphere where business can thrive and success will follow. We cannot afford to take a step back to the days of billion-naira budget deficits and record job losses. The plan for fiscal success has been laid out in my economic blue print put together by economic and business experts in the State".

"My reform programme will not rebuild Oyo State's economy on the old model of bubbles and bursts. The State will only climb out of the current crisis by creating a new, sustainable foundation for Oyo State economy's future and make the tough choices to put our economy back on the road to long-term prosperity".

"Without question, the top concern for families across Oyo State is the economy and as I travel across Oyo State, people tell me they are scared of losing their jobs and their inability to care for their families is overwhelming. In short, people are frustrated and uncertain about the future".

"Upon resumption of the office, we will begin to implement a comprehensive Emergency Jobs Plan. I will institute an economic emergency and call for a special session of the House of Assembly to pass measures that will include, but are not limited to; Cutting taxes on small businesses and individuals, immediately convening a Financial Waste Commission with the intent of curtailing wasteful spending at all levels of State government".

"My plan includes targeting, fiscally responsible provisions to invest in Oyo State’s infrastructure. Additionally, this plan would put in place long-term mechanisms to help the State control future spending and balance the budget".

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